Drawings, Industrial Designs and Models Applications

The services provided by the Bologna offices of Studio Internazionale Dott. Coppi to its clients include industrial designs applications. In Intellectual Property Law, the definition of industrial design takes into account the aesthetic or decorative aspects of a product. Although the design of a product can have technical and functional features, in Intellectual Property Law the definition of industrial design takes into account only the aesthetic or decorative aspects of an artefact, not its functional or technical characteristics.

An industrial design adds value to a given product, it makes it more attractive in the eyes of consumers: the protection of industrial designs should always be a crucial part of the business strategy of a designer or entrepreneur. By registering a design with the national or regional industrial property office, you acquire the exclusive right to prevent any unauthorised copy or imitation of such design by a third party. Industrial design is therefore very useful for companies and, besides improving their competitiveness, it might increase profits. In fact, registering an industrial design prevents it from being copied or imitated by your competitors, strengthening your market position. Furthermore, industrial designs are trade goods that can increase the value of your company and of its products. An industrial design can be licensed or sold.

Industrial Models Registration

In most countries, industrial designs or models must be registered in order to be protected under the national industrial design law. To register an industrial design, you must apply to the national office for intellectual property of the country where you wish the design to be protected. Registering industrial designs promotes fair competition and honest business practices.


Drawings, Industrial Designs and Models Applications

Utility Model: a utility model is defined as a new solution for the optimization of existing machines, instruments and tools. The duration is ten years from the date of registration. The procedure to register a utility model is the same as that for invention patents.

Ornamental design/drawing/industrial design: An ornamental design is defined as any model or drawing used to apply a specific decoration to a given industrial product, using shape or a particular combination of lines, colour or other elements. To register an ornamental design you need a prototype, a photograph or a drawing of the model to be protected. It is valid for 25 years from the date of registration.

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