Patent Applications

One of the crucial aspects of business is registering trademarks and property patents in the best and most correct way possible. In fact, nowadays the number of products and services invented is constantly growing and a company failing to properly protect its strengths could suffer serious damages. Studio Internazionale Dott. Coppi, based in Bologna, specialises in protecting clients’ interests. With their vast experience in the field, the firm’s professionals can ensure specialised assistance for any aspect involved in the legal protection of patents and Industrial Law.

This is true all over the world, thanks to a network of professionals operating in 80 countries, so as to progressively expand the range of services available to our clients. A patent is the title for industrial inventions and utility models. It is a powerful business tool for companies to protect their investment in research and innovation, to prevent anyone from exploiting the fruit of such investment without proper compensation, and to gain an additional source of revenue through the management of rights of use for that patent. Patent protection can prevent others from patenting identical or similar inventions and infringing the rights of use of the patented object. Holding a strong patent provides a remarkable legal advantage in any proceedings against those who copied the protected invention.

How to Apply for a Patent

The choice of applying for a patent must be carefully thought through. It is not always advisable to go through with the patent. Even if an invention can be patented, this does not guarantee that it will result in a marketable product or technology. Therefore, before applying for a patent it is essential to carry out a careful global novelty search and specific analysis: obtaining, managing and protecting a patent can be difficult and costly. Your application should be mostly based on the likelihood of obtaining a commercially viable form of protection, hence on the possibility that its potential market utilization may increase profits significantly.


Protection Against Counterfeiting of Goods and Services

Studio Internazionale Dott. Coppi is highly specialised in goods and services counterfeiting offences. Studio Coppi, with headquarters in Bologna but operating across Italy and worldwide, provides its clients with a team of experts specialised and always up-to-date on one of the most common phenomena across all industry sectors. Counterfeiting of goods and services relates to the infringement of industrial property rights and is a serious threat to a company’s business and sale of its market-leading products and services.

Studio Internazionale Dott. Coppi can assist clients in enforcing their patent rights with alleged infringers, and represent clients in any proceedings filed by a third party against them. Patent consultants are fully available to draft opinions regarding the counterfeiting or validity of patents. The firm in Bologna is at the forefront also in legal matters and legal advice on patents, with the capacity to take and follow through any case in Italy and abroad.

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