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The services offered by Studio Internazionale Dott. Coppi, in Bologna, also include assistance in the application and protection of copyright. Italian copyright is governed mainly by Law no. 633 of 22 April 1941 on the “Protection of copyright and other rights related to its exercise”, and by articles 2577 and following of the Italian Civil Code. Copyright Law establishes the protection against plagiarism of different categories of creative works such as literary, cinematographic and musical works, drawings, photographs, websites and software. This type of works does not need a patent application when they are created, therefore it is absolutely crucial to protect them before they become the object of counterfeiting. However, registering a work with the competent authorities has the advantage of providing the author with certain proof of the authorship and date of creation of a specific work. Furthermore, registration with SIAE (the Italian Copyright Authority) is sometimes fundamental to be able to exercise the relevant rights.

Copyright Law does not protect the idea per se of creating a certain piece of work but its practical realization, the way in which such idea is expressed. The moral right of being recognised as the author of a work is inalienable, indefeasible and not subject to any statute of limitations. The holder of the copyright is the author or co-author; however, when the work is created under a contract of employment or on commission, the author holds only the moral rights while the economic rights are held by the employer. The rights for the economic use of the work are, instead, transferable. An author acquires the exclusive right of reproduction, execution, advertising, distribution, renting, lending, elaboration and transformation on his/her work which he/she may transfer completely or in part to others against compensation. Studio Internazionale Dott. Coppi prepares the best documentation inĀ line with the current applicable legislation to be used at a later stage by clients to obtain the copyright. In addition, the firm in Bologna protects copyright on digital content and online distribution channels of physical media and ebooks.

The Best Protection for Your Work

Registering your unpublished work is essential to avoid being unfairly copied and have proof of the authorship of a certain work. To ensure the best and most correct protection from every point of view, simply contact the experts at Studio Internazionale Dott. Coppi in Bologna; they will guide each client towards the safest and most effective solution for them, with tailored and highly skilled advice.

The consultancy activity concerns, in particular, the protection and use of copyright and intellectual property. The services offered in the Emilia-Romagna region by Studio Internazionale Dott. Coppi also include the protection of the author’s economic and moral rights, name and image, right on unpublished work, relationships with the industry’s competent authorities, drafting of contracts and licence agreements, drafting of graphic art, literary and photographic work protection agreements. The firm represents and assists its clients in judicial and out-of-court settlement proceedings in disputes concerning the ownership and use of copyright and of intellectual property.


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