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With their vast experience acquired in Industrial Law, the professionals of Studio Internazionale Dott. Coppi in Bologna can ensure specialised assistance for any aspect involved in the legal protection of patents and trademarks. This is true all over the world, thanks to a network of professionals operating in more than 80 countries, to progressively expand the range of services available to our clients. Trademarks can be legally protected with administrative and judicial proceedings. Administrative protection is a form of preventive legal action enforced by observation and objection procedures to an application to prevent others from registering a trademark which may be confused with your own registered trademark. This form of protection is subject to time limitations: an objection must be presented within three months from the date the application is published, or two months for Community trademarks.

The firm assists its clients in all judicial and out-of-court proceedings to enforce the rights infringed by a third party, either with letters of formal notice or by representing and defending its clients before the competent authorities. With regard to the legal protection of patents, before initiating any action to protect your patent rights it is essential to verify that the patents are, in fact, valid and that such rights have been actually infringed. To this end, it is essential to carry out an extensive assessment of the validity of your patent, even when properly granted, with a novelty search integrating any search carried out when first applying for the patent with the relevant Patents Office. After establishing with reasonable certainty the actual scope of protection of the patent, an interference analysis must be carried out to make sure that the product or process of the alleged infringer actually presents the same features of the patented invention or utility model.

Judicial Protection with Studio Internazionale Dott. Coppi in Bologna

Studio Internazionale Dott. Coppi is specialised in legally assisting clients in court and out-of-court proceedings in several areas of the Law, providing them with comprehensive professional assistance.

The services provided by Studio Internazionale Dott. Coppi include legal advice on patents, for which the firm is at the forefront in judicial issues. The legislation governing the protection of trademarks and patents at national and international level is very complex and it must be approached carefully, relying on expert advisors.

Studio Internazionale Dott. Coppi can follow any case in Italy and abroad thanks to the proven experience of its professionals, all highly specialised in the legal protection of patents and in Industrial Law. The professionals assist clients

  • by enforcing their patent rights against alleged infringers
  • in case of proceedings filed by a third party against the client.
Studio Internazionale Dott. Coppi, consulenza

The patent advisors draft opinions on the counterfeiting or validity of the patents, while the trademark advisors draft opinions on the validity of trademarks and unfair competition. In addition, the consultants of Studio Internazionale Dott. Coppi assist clients in designing effective measures of protection of the distinctive marks, providing strategic and operational advice on the protection of intellectual property rights and on the selection of trademarks and models for use at national and international level.

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